We spend 5x more on marketing your property directly to likely buyers

Our Direct-to-Likely-Buyer Marketing System puts your property in front of the people most likely to buy it. We spend 5x the industry average to contact likely buyers with direct mail, phone calls, text messages, email campaigns and more.

To outspend our competition so substantially, we eliminated all unnecessary expenses like fancy offices and needless people managers. Instead we pioneered the use of a central support hub with on-demand satellite offices.  That’s how we sell your property for the absolute highest price the market will pay.

Exclusively sellers

Focus = Results.  We only represent sellers like you.

Real advisers, augmented by technology

3D Virtual Tour, drone aerial video, custom video commentary, graphics, social media, landing pages, imagery, targeted buyer lists and more for your property. We get attention in a distracted world.

Strong international and out-of-state buyer relationships

We’ve made significant investments to have a direct line to these hard to reach buyers.

Famous Sell for More Guarantee

We’ll personally contact the top 1,000 most likely buyers for your property. That’s how you sell for more. If we don’t, you can terminate our agreement. Another bold industry first.

Convenient weekly updates

We send you weekly video email updates so you’re always informed.  Our clients rave.

We have no haggle, standardized fees

All our clients pay the same commission. Never more, never less. Always fair.

Specialty: Sellers
Property types: Apartments, Industrial, Retail, Office, Hospitality, Storage
Average Sale Price: $500,000 – $25,000,000
Markets: Nashville, Milwaukee, South Florida, Chicago

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