Good no-nonsense advice for all commercial real estate owners.

In this first installment of the Read in 10 Minutes or Less Series, learn why most commercial properties don’t sell and what you can do about it.




A must read for any investor that is committed to building true wealth for his or her family. Why would anyone pay taxes when they don’t have to?

Learn what every seller should know of 1031 exchanges in simple, no-nonsense language.



This is a brilliant rule of thumb that takes all the guess work out of hiring the best real estate broker for your unique situation.

Learn the one question to ask that will ensure you are only working with a superstar real estate broker.


Sell for More Guides:


There are a lot of good reasons to sell commercial investment real estate. This Sell for More Guide will help you decide if now is the right time for you.

Auction Report Cover 3D


Most sellers are confused about auctions. It doesn’t have to be that way. This Sell for More Guide explains why selling your property using an auction might be your best choice.



reiitfk-3dIn the Keys we’ve created our own terminology and made our own rules for commercial and investment property rights. Our system instantly confuses every outsider (and most locals if we’re being honest).  This Sell for More Guide simplifies the rules, makes sense of the terminology and provides you with all the necessary resources to get deals done.


Sell for More Magazine:

front-coverSell for More Magazine is the official magazine of Prowess Investment Real Estate Services.  Each month we give you a behind the scenes look at a property we recently sold.

Sell for More Cheat Sheets:

frontA one page check list to make sure you’re ready to sell.