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FFF: Delaware Statutory Trusts

Published on January 12th, 2018

Beau Beach

Happy Friday friends, here’s a fun fact:

Traditional 1031 Exchanges aren’t the only way to avoid paying capital gain taxes when you sell…there’s another way called 1031 Delaware Statutory Trusts.

With this strategy you still use a 1031 Exchange but instead of rolling your proceeds into a replacement property – you roll the proceeds into a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST).

In 2004, the IRS ruled that a Delaware Statutory Trust qualified as “real estate” and, as such, could serve as a replacement property solution for 1031 Exchange transactions.

That means you can acquire a fractional interest in a DST and become a part owner in a much larger real estate investment (a 300-unit apartment building, a grocery center, medical office building, etc).

The structure is pitched to sellers who want a totally hands-off way of owning income-producing real estate, especially retirees.  There are about a dozen companies (sponsors) that put these deals together.  They’re professionally managed and turnkey.

The downside is liquidity.  You can’t click your mouse and sell.  The holding period might be five to 10 years.  You also have very little control.

We don’t recommend this structure but you should at least know it exists.

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